A Hot Topic in the Mobile Developmental Field

In the mobile application department there are not that many user friendly applications available to help developer create the typical mobile application. There are programs that run through Eclipse and programs that make programming for the iOS. However, it is rare to find a program that is user friendly, compatible for both iOS and Android Development. However, Zend Studio 10 has been created which brings about a new trend in the mobile application development field of expertise. Zend Studio uses a system that is meant for building PHP, not Java, and allows the user to be able to drag and drop content to modify an application to his or her needs. Thus, even the developers that do not have a degree in the related field are able to make an application that will be suitable for any phone. Any applications can be built for the iOS, Windows Phone, Android or even the BlackBerry.  Zend Studio 10 supports the newest version of PHP, version 5.4. All the languages new syntax and process can be used with Zend Studio 10 as well, meaning there is no need to use outdated processes.  By adding Zend Server Gateway a user will be able to connect to many platforms, especially the cloud. However, to get the software for Zend Server Production Solution for Windows or Linux look forward to spending at least $1,700 to $15,000. However, to ensure that Zend Studio 10 will be acceptable for use there is a free 30 day trial available to download.


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Google Search

When performing a Google Search of myself I found some very old information posted on the Google search. Those items were located on the first page of the search for the most part. The very first item was a link to my LinkedIn Account, further down the page was a link to a MySpace Account; I have not touched this account in many years let alone remember the password. I found several pages of my High School years in Cross Country; the site has the times of a couple of my races especially my Regional Championship Race time in 2003. There were many links on the Google search that were not me and just others that have the same name as me. The information that was on the page was positive information, I did not see any negative information regarding the sites that were about me; however, there could be sites that have negative information with my name that do not pertain to me. Due to the likelihood of many people having the same name it is hard to get those items removed or to not display on the search page. Thus, employers may have to figure out the real me versus those that share the same name as me. The only thing that I could possibly think of doing would be to inform the employer, if asked, about the sites that relate to my information over those that do not.


Here are some goals that I have set for myself within the past 6 months.

  • Upon graduating have 2 Bachelor Degrees: Web Development and Network Security.
  • Learn as much as I can from my current employer.
  • Gain knowledge and learn from my mistakes.
  • Be more accepting of change in the workplace.
  • Develop websites outside of my place of business.
  • Earn enough money to provide my children with a stable living environment.
  • In the next 5 years work for a gaming industry or at least be an Senior Java Developer.
  • In the next 10 years develop my own video game .
  • In 20 years be able to afford the best education for my children.


About who I am

My name is Chase Linger, I was born in Newport News, VA. I am a Junior Developer for small call center located in Midlothian, Va. I know many programming languages, from HTML to Android Development. I believe that my strongest assets are my integrity, ability to learn quickly, ability to adapt and overcome to harsh situations, and ability to rationalize and deduce a situation. I attended Hampden-Sydney College for two years with a focus on Philosophy; however, due to circumstances I was not able to complete the degree. Thus I joined the United States Marine Corps with the Military Occupational Specialty(MOS) of 0151-Legal Administration Clerk. After receiving an honorable discharge from the military, I began my studies at ECPI University for my Bachelors of Science of Web Development. My current interests are my children, video games, programming in my spare time, and researching interesting facts about society or the world. I am a unique individual that believes that hard work and effort will gain success to those that wish to take the road less traveled.

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